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SaleHoo Review

sale hoo

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SaleHoo is one of the hottest wholesale directories on the internet and one of the leading drop shipping services out there.

Even amidst stiff competition, SaleHoo has continued on an upward spiral and has adapted well to the ever changing market trends.

Salehoo incorporates more user-friendly tools, a superior interface and generally orientating its services to better suit the user.

First impressions

When you first sign up to SaleHoo, you will easily find everything you want below usual retail cost, from MP3 players, iPods, clothing, to TVs and accessories. One feature that will instantly get your attention is that you can straight off connect with most suppliers and right way begin to source for products.

Just like on most wholesale directories, a lot of products have comparable prices with those on eBay so you really need to do your research to find products that are slightly below the eBay cost to realize reasonable profit. This can be a shocker and cause of frustration particularly to people who imagine that drop shipping is a walk in the park.

You realize that good research is part of any profitable venture and drop shipping is no exception. Nonetheless, numerous opportunities exist where you can find very profitable wholesale product s as well as good drop ship suppliers.

Tips for using SaleHoo

It is not uncommon to find reviews that give the impression of high profit margins on SaleHoo but it is not always a given that you will earn a consistent figure. Reason is because some products have a high profit margin when newly released, for instance, the XBOX 360 had handsome profit margins on its release but as the initial buzz waned, the price came down and the profits dwindled too.

Therefore, wholesaling on SaleHoo can be hugely profitable if you mange to find a hot selling item and get into the mix early on. However, for sustainable income, you’re better off selling niche items with a high profit margin.

If you want to earn reasonable profit consistently on SaleHoo – or from drop shipping in general – consider selling accessories. Take for instance any game console, selling video game discs and controllers always remains profitable. Don’t get ‘stuck in the box’; remember, every seller is always trying to sell the ‘hottest item’. Sell accessories and smaller items as their profit margins are usually higher.

Customer service

SaleHoo’s customer service is one thing that stands out and you’ll instantly notice this once you start using it. They are very willing to offer help and will always bend backwards to assist users as much as possible.

There is also a user forum with hundreds of posts and, on top of that, a permanent community manager who ensures that you always get answers to your queries. The amount you stand to learn from this internet community is invaluable.

There are three things that really stand out about SaleHoo:

• Affordability

• Direct connection with the supplier’s website

• Customer support

Then the areas that are a bit lacking:

• Limited educational resources

• It is a bit limited if you have your own e-commerce business outside eBay


SaleHoo is excellent for those who want to learn the drills of drop shipping. Note that it takes a bit of time to learn how things are done so you may not realize instant success as most people think.